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Our current focus is Hunger and Homelessness. The Mission committee is providing programs for increased awareness, ways to get involved and funding. The Mission committee also supports Development of new congregations, and transformation of existing congregations; community-directed outreach provided by existing congregations; programs that meet human need, especially those supported by existing congregations. The mission committee encourages our congregations to become more involved with mission either within your own neighborhood or abroad.

Chairperson of Mission Committee:
Rev. Drew Harrison

(856) 589-1050


All Mission related forms are available for download on the Forms and Documents Page.


Helpful websites for mission

Watch this short video to see one example of how donating to 2 cent's a meal helps people around the world.

Theological Education Fund

The TEF is the only source of denomination-wide funding for PC(USA) seminaries. It is a fund composed of monies contributed by Presbyterian congregations on an annual basis. The monies raised through the TEF by the denomination provide support to fulfill the ministries we Presbyterians require of our seminaries—educating transformational leaders who can preach, teach, pray, counsel, and serve in bearing witness to the Gospel.

For more information about TEF, click here.

Living Waters for the World

Over one billion people lack access to clean water, resulting in the death of millions each year - and most are children. Living Waters for the World, the mission project of the Synod of Living Waters, Presbyterian Church (USA), trains and equips mission teams to share the gift of clean, sustainable water with communiites in need. Their motto is "Jesus Christ is Living Water for our Bodies and Souls." We invite you to learn more so that more clean water may flow.

In November, 2012, the Presbytery signed a Covenant with Living Waters for the World to initiate our partnership in installing water purification systems in Cuba.

Systems have already been installed at churches in Cuba which have experienced significant use and are part of growing community ministries. As one pastor indicated: “Doctors are even writing prescriptions for their patients to go and get clean water from our church.” The systems are making a real difference in the lives and health of those in the communities who now have clean water.

Living Waters for The World

There is growing interest in WJP in this program, which is under the auspices of Living Waters for the World. So far, this enthusiasms has been expressed via financial support for other PCUSA churches that are doing installations in the cities of Havana, Matanzas, and Cardenas. But over the few years we hope to become involved in actual installations globally, first in partnership with other organizations and then on our own. Please pray for us as we move forward!

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