Forms and Documents

Scholarship Application for Camp Johnsonburg

Financial/Treasurer (for Congregations & Ministers)

Church Treasurer's Manual

Clergy Tax Guide

Per Capita 2024
Zoom 2023

Federal Reporting Guidelines 2018

Financial Review Guide

2024 Remittance Form

Blank Voucher

Your Church: An Employer and a Small Business

Employment Guidance for Sessions and Session Personnel Committees

Personnel Policy 9.20.22

Procedure for Selling Real Property

Shared Facilities Covenant Agreement

Woodstown Presbyterian Church Equipment Invoice 2021

Commission On Ministry (COM)

Statement of Ethics for Ministers of the Word and Sacrament Departing/Retiring from a Congregation


 Procedure to Dissolve Pastoral Relationship

Dissolution Agreement

Interim Pastoral Leadership Agreement

APNC Commission on Ministry

Help for Sessions When a Pastor Leaves

Agenda for a Congregational Meeting to Elect a Pastor Nominating Committee

 Pulpit Supply Policy

Pulpit Supply Application for Teaching Elders

Pulpit Supply Application for Ruling Elders

Conflict of Interest

Rules Regarding Moderators

Ethics Policy for Departing Pastors

2023 Compensation Policy

2024 Compensation Policy

2023 Pastor Compensation Spreadsheet

2024 Pastor Compensation Spreadsheet

2023 Associate Pastor Compensation Spreadsheet

2024 Associate Pastor Compensation Spreadsheet

Contracts for Pastoral Relationship - contact

Minister's Self Care Grant Application

Professional Expenses Rationale

Deadlines for Bringing Business Before COM

Items not seen - contact

Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM)

Application to be an Inquirer

West Jersey Academy Fund Application

CPM Forms on PCUSA website


2023 Mission Budget

2023 Mission Pledge Form

Camp Johnsonburg Application 

Mission Leadership Development Form

Chaplaincy Funds

Hunger Grant Voucher 2023

2024 Mission Funding Application

2024 Narrative Mission Budget

General Assembly 2024

General Assembly Commissioner Application 2024

Young Adult Advisory Delegate Application 2024

 Information About General Assembly

Presbytery For Southern New Jersey Disaster Assistance

PSNJ Disaster Assistance Hunger Grants

New FEMA Guidelines for a Disaster

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