Pulpit Supply

2024 Pulpit Supply

Guidelines for Pulpit Supply Fees:
--A guest preacher shall be paid an honorarium and in addition be reimbursed for travel expenses (67 cents per mile, as currently determined by the IRS.)
--2024 Pulpit Supply minimum is $200 per service.
--For additional services on the same day, the honorarium should be increased by $50 per service.
--Moderator Fee: $80 for 2 hours -- prorated for additional time.
--Non-Presbytery Ministers and/or Ruling Elders are able to preach but no sacraments or moderating.

Teaching Elders

Rev. Daniel Pure
Turnersville, NJ

Rev. Dr. Delrio Ligons-Berry
King of Prussia, PA

Rev. Joel Buckwalter
Cherry Hill, NJ

Rev. David Cassie
Philadelphia, PA

Rev. David Cobb
Galloway, NJ

Rev. Dr. Patricia Epprecht
Shamong, NJ

Rev. Bill Gaskill
Cherry Hill, NJ

Rev. Dr. Dick Herman
Moorestown, NJ

Rev. Dr. James Kraft
Eastampton, NJ

Rev. Dr. Virginia Leopold
Shamong, NJ

Rev. Dr. Scott Morschauser
Blackwood, NJ

Rev. Dr. Robert Reader
Villas, NJ

Rev. Wanda Sevey
Delanco, NJ

Rev. James "Jim" Shanley
Ventnor, NJ

Rev. Beth Thomas
Newark, DE

Rev. Floyd White
Mt. Laurel, NJ

Approved for Preaching Pulpit Supply ONLY!

Lissette Gonzalez-Sosa
Princeton, NJ

Dwayne Doyle
Haddon Heights, NJ

1701 Sycamore Street, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035